Why In Italy

Why In Italy

Are you considering the possibility of continuing your studies in Italy? Great idea!

And if you still have any doubts, following you can find some answers to the question: Why study in Italy?

Because learning, here, is a millennial-old tradition.

Did you know that four of the ten oldest universities in the world are Italian? These are the University of Bologna (1088), the University of Padua (1222), the "Federico II" University of Naples (1224), and the University of Siena (1240).
Also, the first Conservatory in Europe was founded in Naples in 1808, and the world's first Art Academy was established in Florence by Giorgio Vasari in 1563.

Because Italy is the homeland of creativity and innovation.

In Italy, there is a particular ability to combine tradition with innovation. The "know-how" that is passed down from generation to generation, often meets the talent of those who intend to transform it into something new. Small and medium-sized enterprises in our country represent 92% of active businesses and all together contribute to making the name of Italy great in the world, also through internationally known brands.

Because Italy is a lovely place to live in.

Thanks to its geographical location, which places it in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has historically been at the centre of a continuous exchange of civilizations. This cultural flow has made Italy rich in precious material and immaterial treasures, making it the country with the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, with 58 in total, including moreover 5 natural sites and 8 cultural landscapes.


From big cities to small villages, our country is a treasure chest ready to be discovered, and short car or train rides can take you to different destinations every time.

Discover the Italian unesco heritage sites here

It is also for this reason that an increasing number of foreign students choose Italy to continue their studies.

To decide on the path that best suits your skills, click here and discover the Italian educational system.