Italian language courses for foreign students

Italian language courses for foreign students

Knowledge of the host country's language is the key to integrating and fully experiencing the educational and study experience.

Italian is an ancient language, as fascinating as complex: learning it means getting to know the roots of our people. In short, we are also strong with words!

With the aim of filling the gaps for international students who want to take a higher education path in Italy, you can enroll and attend specific programs for linguistic and disciplinary preparation through Foundation Year/Foundation Courses.

You can join these programs if:

  • you are an international student who has obtained a valid qualification for access to higher education in your country, but with less than 12 years of study.
  • you are an international student already in possession of a valid qualification for access to higher education, but you are still interested in acquiring linguistic (Italian level B2) and disciplinary preparation useful to make your study path in Italy more efficient.
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How do they work?

The courses are organized by higher education institutions in different ways. You should know that you can attend this type of course even at a different institution from the one where you intend to enroll.

In alternative to Foundation Year/Foundation Courses, there are Italian language courses organized directly by institutions such as the University for Foreigners of Siena and Perugia

These are intensive courses of different levels, open all year round and independent of university courses. These courses may also provide for the issuance of CFU/CFA.

For students who need to apply for a study visa to attend Italian language courses, it is necessary to have an acceptance letter from the institution they intend to attend. The letter must specify the duration of the course, the number of hours and the location where it will take place.

I Foundation Programmes nelle istituzioni di istruzione superiore attivi in Italia:

City: Brescia

City: Como

City: L’Aquila

City: Milano

City: Parma

City: Pavia

City: Pisa

City: Roma

City: Roma

City: Roma

City: Roma

City: Roma

City: Sassari

City: Siena

City: Siena

City: Torino

City: Venezia