Scholarships and benefits

Scholarships and benefits

Scholarships and benefits are granted in Italy with the aim of supporting the education of young people, enhancing their cultural development, promoting individual progress, and ensuring that every student has the opportunity to pursue his studies. These benefits are available to those who do not have the financial means to support their educational path, as well as for particularly deserving students.

This principle is firmly rooted in our legal system and is set out in Article 34 of our Constitution: "The capable and deserving, even if without means, have the right to reach the highest levels of study."”.

Scholarships and benefits are provided by both regions and higher education institutions, that issue calls for applications every year, to which all eligible students can participate in.

It is important to have the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) and the ISPE (Equivalent Patrimonial Situation Indicator) of your family unit. If you are a foreign student, you will need the ISEE PARIFICATO, that means certified and recognised. To obtain it, turn to a CAAF (Authorized Fiscal Assistance Center) and request the ISEE Certification for Facilitated Benefits for the Right to University Study.

In Italy, it is possible to benefit from the No Tax Area,, or University Bonus, which allows the applicant to have a reduction or exemption from university fees, for students from families with a low ISEE.

The measure can be applied to all universities and to the Institutes of Education for Fine Arts, Music and Dance (AFAM). To find out about the requirements, contact the student office of your reference institution or a CAF.

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Now let's discover all the opportunities offered by the Italian system.

  1. Regional institutions for the right to education.

    All students enrolled in universities and AFAM institutions who do not have sufficient financial means to undergo their educational path, can turn to their regional institution (find yours here). Each region, in fact, receives a share from the State that will be added to the economic resources that have been allocated for this specific purpose.

    The regional institutions also provide contributions to facilitate and encourage participation in international mobility programs, both within the framework of programs promoted by the European Union and non-European Union programs. To find out the amount of the contribution, consult the website of your higher education institution of reference.

    Who can apply: you can apply if you are an Italian or international student enrolled in higher education institutions and are in possession of economic and merit requirements.

  2. Scholarships from Higher Education Institutions (IIS)

    Even Higher Education Institutions may provide scholarships for students or bonus that can be obtained based on both merit and economic requirements. If you intend to continue your education path in an IIS and are interested in the available benefits, we suggest you consult the institution's website or contact the IIS secretary for more information.

    Who can apply: Students enrolled in Higher Education Institutions.

  3. Scholarships promoted by private entities, companies, and associations

    In our country, many organizations provide students with scholarships and economic benefits. We suggest you consult the institution's website or contact the secretary for more information.

  4. Scholarships for international mobility

    During your academic career, you can undertake international mobility experiences for study and internships, taking advantage of various financial contributions (EU contributions, integrations provided by institutions, ministerial contributions taking into account the ISEE ranges, contributions from regional institutions for the right to education).

    After enrolling, you can find more information from your institution that prepares the relevant calls for international mobility.

  5. Scholarships from the Italian Government

    The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) awards scholarships to foreign students participating in study activities such as the so called "Special Projects." You can find all the latest information on this link.

    The MAECI also offers scholarships to foreign and Italian students residing abroad (IRE) with the aim of promoting cooperation in the cultural, scientific and technological fields and spreading Italian culture and language abroad. You can find all the information here.

  6. Scholarships offered by foreign governments, local and university institutions, and international organizations

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  7. Scholarships for PhD programs

    You can also apply for a scholarship for the attendance of PhD courses (currently equivalent to 16,243.00 euros per year, paid in 12 monthly instalments).

    The scholarship is subject to social security deductions according to current regulations and can be suspended due to illness or maternity.

    Who can apply: Italian and international students holding a second-cycle degree.
    If you are already enrolled in a doctoral program, you can request an increase in the scholarship for stays abroad. Each university can provide you with the information you need to enrich your experience.

  8. NPS scholarships

    The INPS, the National Social Insurance Agency,supports students with scholarships to partially cover expenses, even for attending universities and Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) if they are non-resident students. To learn more, click here.

    Who can apply: children of members registered with the Unitary Management, Magistral Management, Public Employee Management, Poste Italiane Group, and former IPOST.